Coming Home

Last night I accidentally streamed. Well, not really – I intended to hit the Stream button in OBS, but it wasn’t really to stream as much as it was for me to check how my home internet would hold up to streaming during this COVID mess.I haven’t regularly streamed since 2013, and haven’t streamed at all since 2016 (Maybe 2017, I don’t recall?). I’m not really sure why I haven’t streamed. To be honest, looking back I’m not sure why I stopped streaming in 2013. Aside from the obvious – focusing on DayZ’s development. I suppose I had it in my head that proper public facing game developers didn’t stream. They were busy with serious stuff, maybe? Maybe I just didn’t want to deal with questions about DayZ. Either way, despite not streaming I maintained a very close connection with Twitch into 2016. Over the last three years I’ve had a lot of success career wise and in my personal life. Bought a house, got married, helped facilitate an acquisition. However, as the years have gone by – and especially after leaving Bohemia I suppose I’ve felt I lost a bitof who I was. Maybe its all in my...Read more